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Lord Mark Sedwill

We were privileged to have Lord Sedwill as the Guest of Honour at the 2023 Cranwellian Association

Reunion Dinner. 

As former Cabinet Secretary, head of the UK Civil Service and National Security Advisor, Mark had an impressive public sector career. He is now on his

next chapter with a portfolio of big private sector roles.

His huge experience made him a great subject

for a podcast by AVM

Bob Judson. This is a fascinating interview with an absolute wealth of terrific leadership insights.

In this interview the following subjects are discussed (starting time in brackets):

  • Mark's career journey (00.01.16)

  • Early motivations (00.04.19)

  • Adjustments to leadership style (00.11.26)

  • Role models (00.22.34)

  • Leadership traits and values (00.34.04)

  • Advice to a school age Mark (00.35.59)

  • Career highs and lows (00.45.45)

  • Managing work:life balance (01.02.23)

  • Perspectives on global challenges (01.07.06)

  • Views on the role of the USA (01.13.39)

  • Reflections of UK politics (01.18.48)

  • Most memorable event (01.23.55)

  • Most difficult question(01.24.22)

Lord Sedwill podcast: Text
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