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Sir Michael Graydon

On 20th May, my wife and I attended a small ceremony at Cranwell to formally hand over memorabilia from Jack Holt’s family. It included his medals, citations and the famous pace- stick, which had been delivered from Hampshire by RAF Odiham where he was a renowned Station Warrant Officer from January 1970 to June 1974.
The initial ceremony was in the Rotunda and the Commandant, Gp Capt Training, OC OTA , the Bursar, Curator and two former winners of the Jack Holt award together with the CWO were present. Photos were taken and we then moved to the Trenchard Statue for further photos, returning to the College where we were shown round the room dedicated to Frank Whittle highlighting his career and the first flight of his jet powered Gloucester E28/39 on 15th May
Jack Holt’s memorabilia is now on display in the Gallery off the Rotunda to the delight of his family, and to all those who knew him.  

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