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Dave Stanley

We are sad to report that Sqn Ldr Dave Stanley (92D) died suddenly on 17th March 2023.
In 1969, Dave served for two years with 208 Sqn (Hunters) at Muharraq before moving to 98 Sqn (Canberras) at Cottesmore. In 1973 he was at Air Support Ops, 16 Para Bde with HQ 38 Gp, Benson. Back to flying in 1976 he was an instructor on the Hunter with No 1 Tactical Weapons Unit, Brawdy, before being posted to 1 Sqn at Wittering on the Harrier.
From 1981 to 1984 he was back at Cranwell with the Department of Air Warfare as a lecturer on Defence Strategy.

He then retired from the RAF.
In 1984, he started a new career with Anglian Water as Regional Training Manager before quickly moving on to the National Rivers Authority as Administration Manager. In 1989 he became their Head of Environmental Management before the same role in 1991 for the Environment Agency. In 1995 he became a consultant regarding the environment before being a visiting lecturer on sustainability and environmental management for the National School of Government.
In 1998, he undertook a complete career change to become a beef producer with the pedigree “Lincoln Red”. In 2012, he won the Lincolnshire Environmental Award for Farming and in 2013, he became a Director of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association and a Board Member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment.
As a footnote, Dave’s fellow entrants and squadron members agreed that Dave would enjoy sharing the following:
It was customary for the penultimate Entry to organise the decorations for the Graduating Ball of the Senior Entry.  So when 91 graduated, 92 decorated the mess... in a “Medieval Castle” theme.  Someone in the Entry knew someone in the BBC Wardrobe department and borrowed a truck load of props, including a mannequin in full Beefeater’s uniform.  So when it came to taking all of the Squadron photographs, the mannequin was dressed in a Flight Cadet’s uniform and smuggled into the picture, held between Dave Stanley and fellow instigator Colin Funnel-Bailey.  Obviously, when the list was passed along the line for each member to write their name, "Flt Cdt B Feater" was entered.
There was a subsequent rumour that the photographer in Sleaford actually telephoned the Flight Sergeant’s office to enquire if there was a problem on one of his negatives, since it appeared that one of the cadets was wearing a beard. However, a quick witted member of the Entry took the call and explained that the lad in question had a skin rash and therefore a “chit” from the doctor!
Even after the 50 Year Rule, Flt Cdt Feater’s identity (and hence position on this squadron photograph) has to remain secret as does the photograph’s final location on one of the surviving RAF Stations.

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