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Jeremy Saye

We were saddened to hear that Jeremy Saye (74 Entry B Sqn) passed away on the 5th January 2024.

His father G. I. L Saye entered the College (entrant no 297) in January 1925 and rose to the rank of AVM, so very much a family calling. 
After graduation, Jerry attended 55 Course at Chivenor on Hunters before being posted to Germany (26 Sqn Gütersloh then 14 Sqn Jever after which the squadron moved to Gütersloh: both were Hunter squadrons)
In 1962, he was appointed ADC to ACM Sir Kenneth (‘Bing’) Cross, AOC-in-C Bomber Command before returning as staff on 229 OCU at Chivenor. In 1968 he was posted to 20 Sqn (Hunters) in Tengah (Singapore) but after a year received an exchange posting with the USAF on Phantoms (F4 C, D and E). In 1973 he attended the RAF Staff College at Bracknell and was appointed OC 1 Sqn (Harriers) in July 1976.
1982 saw Jerry returning to Chivenor again as Stn Cdr before being appointed Group Director at Bracknell. Jerry retired in 1987.

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