John Pugh

John Pugh graduated from 92 Entry (A Sqn) in August 1967.

His operational flying career started with 115 Sqn, RAF Cottesmore, flying the Varsity and Hastings. In 1969 he transferred to flying Hercules, first with No 36 Squadron, RAF Lyneham, then 70 Sqn, RAF Akrotiri before his final tour on 47 Sqn back at RAF Lyneham.
John left the Royal Air Force in August 1975 as one of the first applicants accepted for voluntary retirement under the 1975 Defence Review, hoping to return to New Zealand for a career with Air New Zealand. However, he started his civilian life first flying the Canadair CL44 for Transmeridian Air Cargo then the DC10 for Laker Airways.
A two year break from flying saw him as the Sales Consultant - Flight Management Systems for Smiths Industries before he became a private pilot for Stavros Niarchos’ Boeing 737. He then returned to commercial flying with Cal Air/ Novair International Airways (DC 10) and Virgin Atlantic (747) before being appointed Fleet Training Manager Airbus A-340 and Fleet Captain Airbus Fleet.
John retired from flying having been grounded following Triple By-Pass surgery.
He married Kit, a nurse from the Middlesex Hospital London in 1970 and had three daughters. In his own words, he ended up “enjoying a restful retirement in Buckinghamshire troubled only by the attentions and interminable questions, of seven grandchildren!”
John passed away at home on the 18th March 2022.