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Peter Baker

We regret to announce that Peter Baker, MBE of 88 Entry (C Sqn) passed away on 15th September 2022.

Peter was originally on 87 Entry as a pilot but was recoursed as a navigator on 88. He was a navigator on maritime reconnaissance Vulcans for a period; they would scare the Russian warships by illuminating them with their radar from altitude then, going silent, drop to 100 ft and head straight for them, only switching on just before overhead. This would spook the Russians into turning on their Fire Control Radars so Peter could pick up all the signatures!

Peter then spent time on B52s in the same role, and taught them the same trick, which they loved.   While experimenting with its manoeuvrability including use of differential throttles, he made some very uncomplimentary remarks about its lack of oomph, only to find his co-pilot had left the transmit switch on and this very English voice, known to be a back-seater, could be heard manoeuvring hard and dissing their aeroplane!

After the RAF he worked for BAe in Saudi Arabia on the Al Yamamah project. Peter was head of HR there, and as such responsible for some 26,000 people!

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RIP Peter Baker: Text
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