Flt Lt David Malin

David Patrick Malin DFC entered the RAF College in April 1955, was a member of 72 Entry (A Sqn) and achieved the rank of Senior Flight Cadet. He was commissioned on the 1st April 1958.

After his Hunter OCU at Chivenor, Dave joined 43(F) Sqn at Leuchars at the end of 1958 and moved to Nicosia when the squadron deployed permanently in April 1961. He later became the Senior Flt Cdr of one of the two Hunter ground-attack squadrons at Khormaksar from July 1965 to November 1967. Tasks involved pre-planned strikes against arms caches and dissident bases in the hinterland of Southern Arabia, close support for British and local troops under fire, numerous escorts, and air defence patrols along the border with Yemen.

The following precis is taken from the 23 Jan 68 London Gazette that described his award of his DFC.

The results achieved were outstanding. In every case when ground forces were pinned down by hostile fire and called for RAF support, the attacking Hunters inflicted very heavy casualties, sometimes up to 75 percent of the forces involved. Targets were often no more than a single house, a narrow cleft in a wadi, or the mouth of a cave.  The overall effect was to virtually eliminate ambushes and attacks on friendly forces during daylight and thus materially reduce the military casualties that would have been suffered. 

Flt Lt Malin displayed outstanding qualities in the air, especially on operational sorties, when he frequently led strikes against a variety of hostile targets: coming under small arms fire but always pressing home his attack.  On the ground, his leadership was of an equally high standard and was instrumental in passing on his accumulated knowledge to the younger and less experienced pilots in his Flight.  Flt Lt Malin was an outstanding leader and a skilled and deliberate pilot.