Peter Thompson

Peter David Thompson, 88 Entry (D Sqn) passed away peacefully on 14 September 2021. The following was supplied to the CA from his widow Anne.

We met at Stamford schools and our friendship continued while he went to Cranwell and I went to train in Oxford. He was posted to RAF Colerne, serving on Hastings in 36 and 24 Sqns and we were married in September 1967. In 1968, after a spell at Thorney Island, he was posted to 47 Sqn at Fairford. Unfortunately, in 1969 he suffered a heart attack while flying and was subsequently released from the RAF.

Peter joined the Sales team on Concorde in Bristol. However, he decided to move into a more permanent project remembering that Concorde had Michelin tyres! He had a very successful career in their Human Resources based in Stoke on Trent and retired in 2001 as a senior manager in the Michelin Tyre Company. We enjoyed a happy retirement but he developed Parkinson’s Disease and, as we had a son living there, we decided to move down to the Bristol area again and Peter enjoyed his final few years in Portishead.

Peter’s personality is summed up by Peter Baker, one of his fellow 88 Entrants:

He was cheery, sociable and very intelligent. Well, perhaps his intelligence was down to the fact that we were both Navigators.

I recall one incident when he was driving a group of us back from the pub (long before the drink- drive law) when we were about to turn off the road from Byards Leap onto the minor road to our College. A car hit us from behind- it was going very fast and we were obviously slowing down. Nowadays, people would have sued the errant driver for whiplash injuries but, of course, that didn’t happen as we were immortal young men. Pete just took the incident in his stride and his car just limped back to College with him still driving. Unflappable as ever.

Re the unusual photo, Peter was a founder member of the Parkinson’s Disease exercise group based on the Warrior Exercise Programme developed in Australia. Peter absolutely loved it for the chance to meet other local PD sufferers and they were able to support each other. The group developed the idea of the medal in memory of Peter, and Anne had the honour to present it to the first winner at their monthly lunch meeting. It is to be awarded every four months to a member of the group who has benefited physically and / or psychologically from the group. Peter’s family are understandably thrilled that Peter will be remembered in such a unique way.

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