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Trenchard Memorial Appeal

October 19th 2020

Trenchard Appeal: Video

After nearly four years of endeavour, we finally witnessed the arrival at Cranwell of the Association's Centenary tribute to our Founder. 

At 0800 hours on Friday 16th October, the low loader and crane arrived at the Orange Gates, and carefully made its way round to the West Wing. Very, very slowly, the statue was raised and positioned by an anxious group, including the sculptor, Vivien Mallock, and her husband, Ross. 

At first, the stance was clearly wrong, with the statue leaning back. A quick correction to the large dowells was made and the statue lowered again - a perfect fit. We all breathed a sigh of relief, and for the first time were able to stand back and take in the magnificent sight - Trenchard, in all his glory, looking proudly across the Parade Square at his College. 

Later, a small group, including our President and the present Lord Hugh Trenchard, grandson of the great man, formally announced the successful installation, so delivering on our promise to complete the project during this special year. 

Of course, we were all saddened that the group attending had to be restricted by CV 19 to six, but we are sure that the formal unveiling at our Reunion next year will be a joyous occasion, and will enable all Cranwellians to view with pride a wonderful addition to the College, and one which will serve as a touchstone to history for all who pass through its portals in its second century.


Sir Chistopher Coville


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