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From the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Air Marshal Sir Christopher Coville


  Welcome also to our new website developer, Theresa.  The website team hope you will find this version useful, informative and user friendly.

From the President, Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon

I hope that this new website will prove easy to follow whilst providing important links to the work carried out and ongoing for our heritage. We will do our best to keep the website interesting and informative but it will certainly benefit from contributions and ideas from you. It is after all your website.

The new website is a perfect opportunity to inform Cranwellians that the unveiling of the Trenchard Statue on 7th August was a great success. The link below will take you to the day itself.  Thank you again for your donations to the Statue appeal which have enabled this unique gift to the College, one that will stand as a tribute to our founder and to the generations of Cranwellians who followed.


The Cranwellian Association at a glance

Honouring the name of the RAF College Cranwell, the world’s first Air Academy and spiritual home of the RAF, the Cranwellian Association is a registered charity for all RAF Officers, whether serving, retired or reservist.  Members’ training backgrounds range from the original Flight Cadet, OCTU and Aircrew Officer Training systems at RAF Cranwell, RAF Henlow and RAF South Cerney respectively, the College GE system of the 1970s, to the modern day Single Gate IOT courses for all Officer branches of the RAF and its Reserves.
The highlight of the year is the Annual Reunion, at which members from all these backgrounds and eras reunite in the splendid setting of Cranwell’s College Hall.



The aim of the Cranwellian Association is to inform and connect members, and to celebrate the history and heritage of the RAF and the Royal Air Force College in particular.



This website is an excellent conduit for those seeking to know more about RAF Cranwell. It includes access to a virtual College Library, the Cranwellian Historical Society, College Alumni, and specific items such as the College Journals, monthly features and the latest news.


Every year we organise a reunion for our members at RAF College Cranwell. This is a weekend occasion that includes (gentle!) sports, a fly past and a formal dinner. In addition, members are encouraged to contact the Membership Secretary if they want their contact details to be given to selected colleagues, for example, fellow Course Students.



In our Centenary year 2020 we installed the Trenchard Memorial at RAF Cranwell, a statue commissioned by the Cranwellian Association, funded by donations from members, private individuals and defence-related companies.  The statue was formally unveiled by the current Lord Hugh Trenchard on the 7th August 2021.

Looking ahead, we are also formulating plans to work with other organisations with a similar focus on heritage and history of the RAF.


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