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Project Apollo

July 2021

Presenting and Celebrating 100 Years of RAF College History Launched 19 July 2021

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Project APOLLO: News

The APOLLO project is an attempt to promote and celebrate a verified record of RAF College History for the years 1920 to 2020 inclusive. Launched on 19 July 2021, this project is the culmination of three years’ intensive historical research by Mike Smith and Ian Steward, both former graduates of the College, and the presentation of their findings on different websites.

The focus is on celebrating the achievements of Cranwellian alumni and the unrivalled contributions they have made to the defence and security of the United Kingdom. The content of the websites is aimed at a variety of audiences, young and old, interested in military aviation, the RAF and, especially, the RAF College.

For access to the Apollo websites go to our History page.  We stress that the sites are still under construction.

Project APOLLO: Text
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