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Reunion FAQs


When you respond to the postal invitation you are asked to confirm whether you wish to bring a guest, and to provide the full name of your guest.

Your invitation card will be the “Ticket” for you and your guest to gain admittance to the Trenchard event. Your guest must arrive with you.  Your name and that of your guest will be checked against the authorised list of attendees.

Please also ensure that you and your guest carry a form of Photo ID ( Preferably driving licence or passport ). Cranwell is a military establishment and you may be asked at any time to verify your identity.

Should you require to change your guest prior to the event,  that is not an issue, up to 7 days prior to the event. You must however  inform us by email . We can then amend the authorised list.  

In order to avoid embarrassment:


Reunion FAQs: Welcome


Reunion 2021

I am a member, but have not donated to the Appeal Fund, will I be able to attend ?

In principle both events are open to all Members, however, we are limited in terms of capacity,  by fire regulations etc. Accordingly we trust you appreciate that capacity issues may mean that we have to afford priority at the Trenchard Statue event to those who have contributed.

I have not yet made a donation to the Statue Appeal Fund, can I still do so ?

YES ! The Appeal Fund will remain open until  1st April 2020. You can contact the Appeal Treasurer via

I have donated to the Statue Appeal Fund and would like to attend that event, but am not able to attend the Annual reunion Dinner.     

Absolutely no problem. You will receive a postal invitation for yourself and a guest. It is anticipated that you would then depart when the ceremonial ends at around 1530hrs.

I am not able to attend the Trenchard Statue event, but would wish to attend the traditional Reunion Dinner

Again, no problem.  As a member you will receive an email inviting you to register your interest via the website in the normal way – please do so.

I am a member who has made a donation to the Appeal Fund and wish to attend both the Trenchard Statue event and the Reunion Dinner.

Excellent You will receive a postal invitation for you and a guest to attend the Trenchard event. Please RSVP as indicated on that invitation. You will also receive, by emails that will point you to the website, details of the Reunion Dinner arrangements.Please respond to both.

I am attending the Trenchard event with a guest and am also attending the Reunion Dinner, can I bring my guest to the Dinner?

The Reunion Dinner is for members only

Will there be overnight  accommodation available at the College?

We should make it clear that the College is not able to offer overnight accommodation to members' guests.

If you are attending  the Reunion Dinner, then only you will be eligible to apply for overnight accommodation at Cranwell on Saturday night.

Will I be able to stay in my old room ?

The nature of the present-day training course is such that Cranwell is not able to offer any accommodation in College Hall  Indeed as the intensity of training at Cranwell increases, so does the overall pressure on accommodation.

I have restricted mobility or other difficulties .

When we send-out postal invitations for the Trenchard event, and promulgate the online booking application for  the Reunion, we will ask you to indicate if you have any mobility problems. We will then do our best to allocate parking and accommodation suitable to your needs. We shall also have people on hand to assist you. Please note that College Hall has limited disabled access .

Will there be an Annual General Meeting and Presentations?

Due to the special nature of this year’s event there will not be the customary Longcroft Room presentations. The AGM of the Association will be convened at another time and place to be notified to you by the Secretary.

Will there be Sports competitions?     

Again due to the nature of this year’s event there will not be a sports programme

Will there be a Sunday Church Service?     

On Sunday morning there will be a Colour Sunday service at St Michaels. The Band of the Royal Air Force College will provide the traditional accompaniment as the  Queen’s Colour of The Royal Air Force College is borne into church. We encourage you to join us on this auspicious occasion when we celebrate our heritage  and remember colleagues who are no longer with us. You will be able to bring your guest to the service.

Can you help us with a co-pilot for the journey to the College? 

We will have members attending the weekend from various parts of the country so let us know if you are looking to share the journey and we will try to put you in touch.

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